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gummyfishy's Journal

18 October
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More Interests:autumn,
beauty and the beast,
chop sticks,
classic pokemon games,
crystalgeyser flavored carbonated water,
fall leaves,
fortune cookies,
hot chocolate,
jelly filled doughnuts,
microwavable snacks,
orange soda,
St.Matthews dr,
90s, 90s cartoons, 90s music, angel fish, angels, aquariums, arkansas, baby chicks, baking, barbeques, bath and body works, being lazy, being on dates(kiefer), betta fish, burger king, burito supreme, buying a new fish, buying excellent stuff, camping, candles, caramel, caramel apples, cats, celebrating, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwich, chimichangas, china town, chinese food, chipotle burrito, chips n salsa, chocolate, christmas gifts, church, cocker spaniel, coloring, comedy movies, cooking, cosmetics, costumes, disney movies, doubling mcchickens, drawing, dumplings, eating, eating out, evanescence, fairys, fettucini alfredo pasta, fish filet sandwich, french fries, fried cream cheese wonton, friends who remember me, frozen yogurt, ghost hunters, ghost shows, glitter, good news, gorillaz, grocerie shopping, halloween, halloween candy, hamsters, hanging out, harry potter, having money, hollywood undead, hot tea, hot topic, ice cream, ipod, iron chef, jelly fish, kiefer, kiefer's burritos, kiefer's chimichangas, kiefer's cooking, koi fish, laptop computer, looking amazing, looking at fish, mall, memoirs of a geisha, meows, mermaids, mexican food, microwavable burritos, monterey bay aquarium, my birthday, nachos, new years, nice people, nikki, nintendo, not being bored, painting, paranormal state, peanut butter m&ms, pears, pepper jack cheese, petting cats, pie, playing with my cat, poetry, pokemon, pot stickers, praying mantis, pretzel m&ms, privacy, pufferfish, pumpkin flavored food, ranch, raviolis, reading, recipes, red hot chili peppers, reese's pieces, relaxing, reliving the 90s, restaurants, ron weasley, salt water fish, san francisco, scariest places on earth, scented bath salt, scented candles, scented hand soap, scented shower gel, shopping, shrimp, singing, sirens, subsandwiches, tabby cat, taco bell, taquetos, teddy bear hamsters, texting, the dresden dolls, the notebook, the pyramid collection, traveling, ulta, whales, white castle burgers, working out, writting, youtube