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   Hmm... I don't even know if I should even be writting right now with Kiefer supposedly on his way right now which is strange because it's 6:39 pm right now. Whats on my mind? Defiantly my poor  lonely Ipod. It's nearly midoctober and I haven't gotten a chance at all to listen to my halloween music on it. I can't even listen to music on this damn computer cuz the speakers won't work. Not even headphones work on this shitty computer. I'm in need of not just my Ipod but also my own laptop. Then I can freely listen to music all I want.  

  Well, turns out Kiefer's not going to be here anytime soon. What a fuckin shitty day he has been having. I feel so bad for him. His friend Cody gives him a ride to my house but not even half way there and Cody drops him off at a random place Kiefer doesn't even know because Cody had to go help his mom. Was it so much of an emergency to drop Kiefer off in some strange place nowhere near me to turn back and drive to his mom's? Why  couldn't Cody just take Kiefer all the way to my house then turn back to tend his mother? It's already going  to be 7 and Kiefer's been at the same place since like 3 sitting in a Burger King with no money. Around 4 his mom said she would pick him up after going to the gym but where the fuck is she? A little bit ago some guy Kiefer knows named Brian told him he would take him to my house. Now it turns out he won't be able to take Kiefer til nine. 9? 9 pm on a school night? Shouldn't he just take him home since it would be too late for him to go to my house anyways? What rotten luck to waste your whole day waiting and being stranded. I'm just feeling a bit pissed at Cody for totally leaving Kiefer stranded and not even helping him find a ride. And it just plain sucks to be sitting in any restaurant without a penny in your pocket or purse. I'm sure he must be starving by now watching people bite into their juicy burgers and munchin on crispy hot fries. I don't understand Kiefer sometimes. He just called me up talking to me about nothing new at all and I asked him how much battery power does he have left on his phone. He said no bars so it's flashing. Is he not thinking about himself? I just told him if that phone dies hes stranded there for good. What is he thinking??

  So anyways Handsome did something today that only bad boys do. He knocked over all the vases from the top of the piano. I was upstairs when it happened and I heard the loud crash. When I came down stairs I saw him walking away from the terrible mess. Luckily there wasn't any broken glass but there was this gross messy green styrofoam cubes that crumble into powder easily all over the place. As I lifted up the heavy loads of stalks and fake flowers, the powder puffed into the air all over me and the wooden sticks gave me a splinter right in the palm of my hand. Man was I angry with Handsome. He kept sniffing the messy floor and I didn't want to see him so I locked him in the downstairs bathroom as I cleaned up. For the remainder of the day, I locked him in my room as punishment. I didn't want him to jump back up onto the piano and sleep on top of the kitchen cabinet again. He's no longer allowed to be on the piano or cabinet ever again or else I'll splash water upon him until I go buy a good squirt gun.

  I forgot to mention that the other night Miss Pam bought Handsome his first collar. It's a very cute black colar with white stars and moons on it with an annoying little bell on it. The collar is a bit too feminine for him but little toddler boys do wear the most feminine clothes they'll ever wear for the rest of their life. His I.D is a black round I.D from PetsMart with the adress engraved in the front with white print including his name in feminine print on the back. When Handsome's first birthday comes in April I'll pick him out a good collar that would suit him. I also do plan to buy him a gift he would love for his birthday. It's one of those carpet made scratch post furniture for cats. In short, I call them castles. So that way I would be buying Handsome his very own castle for his birthday. In the mean time, I need to figure out how to remove that annoying bell off his collar.


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